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The word reflective or reflection is derived from the word reflect. The Oxford dictionary meaning of reflect is “to think carefully and deeply about something”. The word “reflective” is an adjective used to describe the kind of report or writing you are required to submit for your Diploma. Therefore a reflective account can be understood as a real or true story of how you have carried out an activity at work or an action you took in the past and why you took the action.

If you were at a football match and you were asked to write a reflective account on what it was like, you would try to remember the day and might start by writing, i was attending a local football match with two of my friends. It was a sunny day but had rained earlier, in the morning and so on. You are answering the question and the style of your writing is in the past. This is the same way as you should write a reflective account for your diploma.

It is important that you establish with your assessor exactly what you need to include in your reflection as it will be difficult to do otherwise. Your assessor will not simply ask you to write a reflective account around, for example, Hsc 027 as this unit consists of nine outcomes. Your assessor will ask you to write a reflective account on how you implement security measures in the work setting with regards visitors to the building, which is outcome eight. This suggests that a reflective account could be written for any unit within the diploma or any outcomes within a unit, to prove you are aware of and know what to do in particular situations and also the reasons why you are doing it in a certain way, which should be in line with your organisational policies and procedures

If you are asked to write a reflective account, ensure you know exactly what your assessor is looking for it to contain. The assessor will be able to give you areas of concentration on the specific topic you are to write about.

Reflective accounts are about:

o What you did!

o How you did it!

o Why you did it!

o How you felt!

o What went well!

o What you would do differently!

o Who else was involved!  

Always introduce your reflective account by giving a brief description of the situation to set the scene.

Include the date of the event and any related product evidence, such as daily recordings etc (including their whereabouts in the workplace)

Leave a margin to write in your related outcomes and scope that the account covers.

Always keep the outcomes with you when you are writing your own reflective account. This will remind you of the standards (questions) you are covering.

Always use the first person e,g, I ............, as the account is about what you did.

Always sign and date your reflective account.

The event you are writing about must be current, as your assessor may ask to see relevant documentation to - check dates etc.

Refer to laws, legislation, minimum care standards, policies and procedures that effect the way in which you work

Who would you be passing any information on to and how?